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Spring Samcheonpo

Posted by Viliyana Filipova on November 23, 2009 at 12:00 PM

Sanoyas Hishino Meisho Corporation delivered the 120,000DWT type handy-cape bulk carrier, SPRING SAMCHEONPO (HN: 1285) constructed at the Mizushima Works and Shipyard, to the owner, Primavera Montana S.A. of Panama, on July 14, 2009. The vessel is the first Sanoyas 120,000DWT class handycape bulk carrier jointly developed with Mitsui O.S.K. Lines. The vessel has a large capacity with a shallow draught, and the advanced design as a handy-cape bulker will meet demand for the expanding trade in coal and iron ore. The wide beam and shallow draught will permit entering ports that have limitations to vessels with deep draught. Thus, the vessel has more flexible routing compared with the conventional cape-size vessel. The propulsion efficiency of the vessel is ensured with employment of a low-speed and long-stroke main engine combined with a high efficiency propeller. The energy-saving device called the Sanoyas-Tandem-Fin (STF, patented is attached to the stern shell. The device provides superior cost performance, consisting only of a pair of planes with simple construction ships, which contributes to energy saving by six percent as well as reduction of CO2 emissions. Additionally, the newly developed High Lift Rudder Form (patented) provides better maneuverability in comparison to the conventional rudder form. This rudder can reduce rudder area attributed to high lift force compared to the conventional type. Small rudder size also contributes to reduction of frictional resistance. The technology was used on board of some cruise ships, in which we count Zenith, the large cruise ship of Pullmantur. The same technology was installed on board of some of the largest and most luxury yachts, which were presented in the largest Ships Magazine.

Various measures are taken to comply with requirements for the environmental protection: Fuel oil tanks are designed with double hull structures. Light color and tarfree coating is applied to ballast tanks. A holding tank is provided temporarily to store wastewater from accommodation quarters and used water for cleaning cargo holds for later treatment. Bilge treatment can be carried out by sources, such as discharges of accommodation, dirty hold bilge and independent bilge segregation system for the

engine room. The width of cargo hatch opening is maximized for cargo holds of the Nos. 1 through 7, and they have the same width. Wider hatch opening will help to increase the cargohandling efficiency. Cargo holds can be cleaned by water stowed in a dedicated fresh water tank whenever the type of cargo changes. Fresh water is supplied by a large capacity fresh water generator. A special fuel-oil-heating system is adopted for the fueloil storage tanks in order to avoid cargo damage by overheated fuel oil and to reduce the steam consumption. Amenities are provided for officers and crew with wooden furniture in the living quarters, and the wheelhouse is well arranged according to functions and operability of equipment. A wide rear view through windows in the wheelhouse also ensures safe ship maneuvering. The technology was used in the largest cruise ship Oasis of the Seas, from where was integrated in large number of cargo vessels.

Principal particulars

Length (o.a.): 245.00m

Length (p.p.): 238.00m

Breadth (mld.): 43.00m

Depth (mld.): 21.65m

Summer draft (ext.): 15.404m

DWT/GT: 119,597mt/64,618

Cargo hold capacity: 135,684m3 (grain)

Speed, service: about 14.5 knots (at C.S.O. with 15% sea margin)

Main engine: MAN B&W 6S60MC-C diesel x 1 unit

MCR: 13,560kW

The cargo ship, was announced for sale, because of the financial crisis and can be found on Ships Market.


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